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International Rights

McGraw-Hill Higher Education, International Rights Contact Information.

Translation Rights
International Rights Contacts
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Information for Publishers

Please contact our International Rights department if you wish to inquire about the availability of our titles.

For a listing of rights managers, please click here
If you have not previously worked with us to license translation rights, please provide us with the name and e-mail address of someone from whom you have previously licensed rights, so that we may check a reference.
This is a standard request for us.

* InternationalRightsRequestForm.doc [WORD DOC]

Information for Translators

It is our policy to contract directly with the foreign language publisher. The foreign language publisher will make arrangements with the translator as appropriate. If you are an interested translator, we make the following suggestions:

* find out which publishers are currently publishing in the subject area of the book you are requesting to translate
* Write a formal proposal to send to publishers, with a description of the book
* Ask interested publishers to contact the International Rights Department at McGraw-Hill for an option and a reading copy

In order to assess a proposal to contract, the interested publisher should provide McGraw-Hill with the information detailed in the International Rights Request Form and provide a catalog of their publishing list in the subject area:

* InternationalRightsRequestForm.doc [WORD DOC]


International Rights Contacts

International Rights - Higher Education, School, and ELT