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Core Offerings : Learning Disabilities
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Annual Editions: Educating Children with Exceptionalities 12/13, 21st Edition
Karen L Freiberg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Softcover,  224 pages
©2012, ISBN-13 9780078051081
MHID 0078051088
Publisher's Retail Price:$52.00
Bookstore's Wholesale Price:$39.00
Understanding Dyslexia : A Guide for Teachers and Parents, 1st Edition
Denis  Lawrence
Softcover,  160 pages
©2009, ISBN-13 9780335235940
MHID 0335235948
Publisher's Retail Price:$39.00

LSC Human Diversity: A Guide for Understanding, 4th Edition
Craig  Conley
Softcover,  736 pages
©2000, ISBN-13 9780072428315
MHID 0072428317
Publisher's Retail Price:$162.33
Bookstore's Wholesale Price:$121.75
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items